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  Case Study: Airmen Notification System at  

“The redesigned application expands our capacity to reach airmen in new ways, and brings the FAA one step closer to providing airmen with a system safety homepage.”

James E. Pyles
National FAASTeam Outreach Manager

The US Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAAST) has been charged with improving the Nation’s aviation safety record by conveying safety principles and practices through training, outreach, and education. FAASTeam personnel are often the face of the FAA and are the persons most likely to have contact with airmen. Providing outreach and education to the vast aviation community can be quite a challenge. The FAASTeam wanted to provide its staff with the ability to quickly reach a wider range of airmen cost effectively through the use of technology.

Working closely with the FAASTeam, Gold Systems developed the web site and the Safety Program Airmen Notification System (SPANS). This system services over 800,000 airmen through an email notification system and automated postal mailing process. Airmen can find out about important events and safety information by automated notification or by browsing the site. They can also register for these events online. Over the past four years Gold Systems has provided system enhancements, hosting, and ongoing maintenance of SPANS and The system uses the latest technology and is built upon Microsoft’s .NET framework. Its hardware structure has proven to be scalable in order to meet the demands of the aviation community.

SPANS replaced a labor-intensive manual process by which notifications were distributed entirely though postal mail. The new system not only saves approximately 2.5 million dollars annually in postal costs, it also allows FAASTeam program managers to spend more time with pilots and less time managing paperwork. SPANS is engineered so that specific demographics can be targeted--for example notices can be sent exclusively to multi-engine instructors living within 50 miles of a specific zip code.
The FAA continues to improve and enhance the SPANS system and by providing new features and services for airmen. SPANS has become central to the FAASTeam’s day-to-day operations. Enrollment in online services has reached over 490,000 and continues to increase. The SPANS system has helped the FAA Safety Program to meet their goals of providing airmen with Safety Program information and notification in the timeliest manner possible.

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