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Gold Systems Environmental Services

Gold Systems has been providing water quality data management systems for over 10 years. Our blend of subject matter expertise and technical skills can help you develop, maintain, or transition a successful water quality system. Gold Systems is a critical member of the ongoing data management systems being developed for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We have utilized a wide array of technologies including ASP.NEt, C#, and Oracle. Our experience includes:

WQX / Exchange Network
The Water Quality Exchange (WQX) is the next-generation method to exchange water quality monitoring data with the EPA and other trading partners.  Gold Systems is a key member of the WQX development team and built the WQX Database, WQX Node and WQX Query Services. Additionally Gold Systems is currently designing and developing the WQX Web application which will facilitate the flow of information from smaller data providers and organizations that do not have an exchange network node.

The Ambient Water Quality Monitoring System (AWQMS) is a web-based data management system for ambient water quality data. It was specifically designed for compatibility with the EPA's Water Quality Exchange (WQX) - the method of exchanging water quality data between the EPA and its partners. Please visit the AWQMS portal to learn more.

State Projects
Gold Systems is working with the states of Utah, Minnesota, and Illinois in conjunction with the National Park Service and the EPA Region V and Region VIII offices to develop an Ambient Water Quality Management System. This system will be a WQX centric web application that will replace the existing STORET Data Entry Module and Database currently used by these organizations.

Tribal Projects
Gold Systems has worked with over 60 Tribal programs from regions V, VI, and VIII to help organize and evaluate their water quality information. These efforts have included data management training, STORET/WQX compatibility consulting, and application development and hosting. Gold Systems is currently working on a new data analysis tool and WQX transition plan that will be integrated into the current Region VIII solution.

Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Programs
We have been working closely with the Colorado Data sharing Network, a consortium of volunteer monitoring programs, state and local governments and private industry to track the condition of water bodies within their communities

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