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Gold Systems Vital Records Services

With over 20 years of experience implementing Vital Records systems, Gold Systems brings real experience to your Vital Records project. Using our comprehensive subject matter expertise and highly skilled development team, we have developed Vital Records systems in several states, including Montana and Washington DC. Gold Systems is committed to building innovative solutions for agencies and their constituents within the Vital Records industry. Our clients can be confident that their investment will yield a high return, both now and in the future.

Virtually every implementation of a Vital Records system will differ depending on each states’ unique policies while federal reporting requirements will remain the same for all agencies. Our analysts work closely with you to build technology that matches your process flow and even make improvements when appropriate. Continuous collaboration is paramount to successful implementations. Working together, we can ensure the delivery of a fully-integrated system that fits any agency’s unique business needs. We pride ourselves on:

  • Extensive industry subject matter expertise
  • Commitment to building people-centric software solutions
  • Developing a collaborative community between vendor and client
  • Ability to grow and change with the industry standards

As Gold Systems has developed Vital Records systems, we have gained a detailed understanding of the complex business rules of Vital Records agencies. With our extensive industry knowledge and innovative development processes we can significantly reduce the time and cost of implementing Vital Records systems with added functionality and ease of use.

  • Web-based data entry and retrieval
  • Data encryption and role based security
  • Audit trail of all system activity
  • On-line SSN verification (OVS)
  • NCHS & SSA exporting
  • Ad-hoc reporting and web-based tools
  • Data Migration

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