What Does FBS Do?

The FBS is integrated with IRWIN and downloads IRWIN incident reports for a defined area automatically. Incidents are refreshed in FBS as they are updated in IRWIN, while FBS specific Incident information is preserved.
Integration with GIS systems include displaying a map showing the fire location and point of origin, and the ability to upload a perimeter shapefile to show the fire outline on a map. Additional GIS integration depends on a State’s GIS capabilities, for example in Utah we obtain acreage and land ownership information for a fire from the GIS server.
FBS allows for the creation of multiple types of billing documents to receive reimbursement from the State. This can include costs incurred by a Fire Department or other agency, and even travel and incidental expenses for a State employee. Fire Rate Agreements can be established by the State to control what is charged for specific types of resources, and there is a full approval process and audit trail of billing activities.
The Fire Business System tracks Incident and Project costs and allows for allocation of costs by ownership of the incident site. State costs can be pulled from the State fiscal data repository if supported to reduce data entry. Invoices can be produced by individual Incident or by date range. Payment ready invoices are produced for the Albuquerque Fire business center and other Federal partners.
The FBS provides a variety of reports to analyse incidents and billing, as well as including a flexible means of exporting the data to an external file for further analysis.
The FBS supports integration with a wide variety of Single Sign On management applications so it can be easily incorporated into a State’s existing security and authentication structure.
The system is entirely role based so that individual users can be granted access to only the portions of the system for which they are authorized and have a business need to view.
Developed in partnership with the State of Utah Division of Forestry Fire and State Lands.

Application Overview


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Steve Gold - President